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FAQs Digital Courses


I'm interested in several courses, should I purchase them together?

Yes. We offer a four course bundle. Save almost $100 when you purchase together.


I'm very much interested in restorative yoga.  Which course should I take?

The Savasana Intensive. Get ready for 21 days of rest and silence!


Do students receive Yoga Alliance credits from these courses?

Yoga Alliance has yet to issue their guidelines for digital learning. As soon as they do, we will apply to have our courses accredited. We expect this to happen in 2017.

That being said, the Living Your Yoga Audio Course includes five hours of audio content - and takes about 12 hours to complete. (The exact length of course depends on how much time you spend working on the suggested homework assignments.)

The Teaching Yoga course includes the opportunity to complete a project and receive a certificate of completion from Judith Hanson Lasater.

Do I have a limited time to access the material?

When purchased separately, the courses do not expire. Our Six Month Immersion bundle expires after six months. This time limit helps you focus and make learning a priority.


After completing Teaching Yoga online, will I be qualified to attend Judith's Relax and Renew Level 2 course?

The curriculum for “Teaching Yoga” and “Relax and Renew Level 1” are very different. 

The good news is that you will learn new and interesting material about teaching Restorative yoga. The bad news is that you need to complete Relax and Renew level 1 before attending level 2.


What is the difference between Living Your Yoga Audio Course and the  Teaching Yoga course ?

The Living Your Yoga Audio Course is essentially an intimate book club. Working at your own pace, you read a chapter and then listen to the corresponding episode.

The Teaching Yoga focuses on Mom’s philosophy of teaching - tips/techniques/practices she’s learned in 40+ years of experience. This self-paced course combines audio lectures, video Q&A’s, and video demonstrations. Students can complete a project at the end of the course and receive a certificate of completion. 


Can I enroll in the Teaching Yoga course if I’m not actually a teacher?

The material in Teaching Yoga course is appropriate for serious students and teachers. You do not need to have completed a teacher training to understand the concepts. The focus is Mom’s philosophy of teaching - and tips/techniques/practices she’s learned in 40+ years of teaching.

Why was my credit card declined?

The company who processes our online payments says this about declined charges:

“Unfortunately most declines are generic, so we don’t have much specific information as to why any specific charge was declined.

If all of the card information seems correct, it is best to have your customer contact his or her bank, inquire for more information, and ask for future charges to be accepted.”

Please email if you continue to have trouble with a declined card.


Do assignments in Teaching Yoga need to be completed by a specific date?

No. The homework assignments in Teaching Yoga are all for your learning - and will not be turned in for review. They are for example journaling assignments and small daily awareness practices to integrate into your life.


Can I download the videos and audio files to save on my computer?

No. All course material is accessed online. 


Will there be technical support if it is needed during the course.

Yes. Please email for assistance.


Is there a platform to connect to other learners whilst doing the course for the social aspect of learning?

Not yet. Please stay tuned.